Meet the Team!

Want to know about each team member? We are students at the University of Georgia's New Media Institute.


Caitlin Glasscock

Skills and specialties that will contribute to the project: As an advertising major, I will be involved in the strategic planning aspects of creating what will inevitably be a marketing piece for the city. I have worked on creating marketing and advertising pieces for a variety of large and small companies. Additionally, I will focus on branding pieces, such as the logo for the project, and other design needs using Adobe software. I also have an understanding of Marvel that can be used in the wireframe creation where the app and user experience will be designed.

Monica Korfas

Skills and specialties that will contribute to the project: As a computer science major, I will handle the technical implementation of our application. I have worked with Swift/xCode and java in creating mobile apps and responsive web applications. For this project, I have been learning React Native, a programming language that allows you to create iOS and Android apps simultaneously using javascript. Once we get more information from our client, and have developed a wireframe for our application, I can see which language will be best for developing our application further. I also have a lot of experience with web programming (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) and those skills will contribute to building a website for our project.

Grace Lovvorn

Skills and specialties that will contribute to the project: Considering I am an English major, I can contribute strongly to any written work--either with communication with the client, blog posts, or content within the project and its corresponding website. Apart from written content, I will be happy to contribute with any HTML/CSS content along with providing media for the project. I am also able to go to the project’s physical site (Norcross) for media or face-to-face correspondence if/when needed. Currently, I serve as the main correspondent between our team and the city of Norcross and their tourism and creative contacts. Current written works for the project include a newsletter for Norcross employees and residents.

Chelsey Shirley

Skills and specialties that will contribute to the project: As a journalism major, specializing in digital and broadcast, my strengths lie in content, video production and photojournalism. Over the course of this semester and for this project, I will be focusing on a majority of the content, as we are foreshadowing that being a large part of our project. I will also provide my expertise and skills in the multimedia aspect of what we are planning for this capstone project. After we get more information from our client, we will move forward with a more tailored plan for each of us and what we will do with photo and video.